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TIB Business Advisers

accountants | Adelaide City SA 5000

(08) 8232 1334
24 Hurtle Square, Adelaide City SA 5000

Our office is conveniently based at 24 Hurtle Square in the south eastern corner of the Adelaide CBD. Free parking for up to 2 hours is generally available. Our directors also regularly visit Yorke Peninsula.

In addition to the above services, both of our Directors are Authorised Representatives of Count Wealth Accountants, which enables them to provide comprehensive financial planning advice in addition to quality business and taxation advice. This is particularly useful in assisting our clients with superannuation and wealth protection issues.

Both Directors have over 20 years experience in business and taxation advice (including extensive experience with one of the Big 4 International Accountancy Firms). They are strongly supported by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of business professionals. We have the latest technology and systems in place to ensure that we can promptly and efficiently provide up to date advice and services to our clients at all times.

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